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Federated Garden Clubs of New York State

District VIII Garden Clubs


The Honor Roll Fund began in 1993 as a two-fold project: First, it provides the means to honor someone in remembrance, or in appreciation; secondly, the funds collected are used as grants to 8th District garden clubs to assist in civic projects, and/or to be used to assist 8th District sponsored projects solely within the district.

Appreciations & Remembrances: The Honor Roll fee of $10 per honoree and the completed Honor Roll application are to be sent to the Honor Roll Chair 3 days prior to the Editor's deadline date for the 8th District’s Figure 8 (February 26th, May 29th, August 29th, and November 28th)


Funds collected from the Honor Roll Fund are given as grants to clubs and/or district sponsored applicants that apply. The application must be received by the Honor Roll Chairman by December 31st.

1) Civic projects may include:

a. Community beautification projects
b. Events to stimulate interest in gardening and landscaping
c. Encouraging conservation of natural resources

2) Information to be included in the application:

a. Estimated number of people who will use/view/be involved in the project
b. Other community groups involved and any financial support they may provide
c. Dollar amount requested by this applicant
d. Distinctiveness or uniqueness of the project
e. General need and/or impact of the project
f. Any other information which may have bearing on granting the application

The awarding of grants from the Honor Roll Fund will be determined by a committee made of the District Director, the First Assistant Director, the District Treasurer, the Honor Roll Chairman, and one appropriate District Standing Committee Chair who is to be appointed annually by the Director. Annual distribution of the fund should equal a minimum of one-half (1/2) of the current balance.

Grant recipients will be announced at the annual spring meeting of the 8th District. All projects must be completed within 18 months. The District Director is to be notified of completion as soon as possible. A new application must be submitted every year as the grants are not automatically renewed.

If needed, please contact the Honor Roll Chair for assistance.  Please forward all donations forms to her.  A copy of all Grant Applications should  also be sent the the District 8 Director, Melissa Marcus.

Chairman: Terry Skura                                                 District 8 Director: Melissa Marcus
72 Strathmore Avenue                                                 772 Ransom Road
Buffalo, NY 14220-1735                                                Grand island, NY 14072-1464
(716) 824-7139                                                                E-mail:

                                                                                            (716) 7735015

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