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Photography Contest


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The District VIII Photo Contest is in the works.


There are always flower shows, landscapes bursting with color (or white with snow), and lots of horticulture, including containers, to admire. Take photos of your favorite designs, landscapes and horticulture specimens and enter the contest. 


A $25.00 award will be given for the winning entry from each category listed below.  Entrants should submit a 4” x 6” color print, glossy or matte, to Dorothy Julius our District Awards Chairman. 


Only one entry per category will be accepted per person and the entrant must have taken the photographs entered for competition.  Prints will not be returned. Include your name, garden club and award entry category on the back of the photo.  The deadline is December 31st and the Awards will be presented at the 8th District’s Spring Meeting.



          Award 14 A.      Horticulture specimens (Must have botanical name)

          Award 14 B.1.   Traditional Design

   Award 14 B.2.   Creative Design. (Must conform to National Garden Club, Inc., standards.)     Award 14 C.      Landscape



The award application form is online but may also be requested directly from Dorothy Julius.  You may contact Dorothy by e-mail; please remember to put “District VIII” or “Awards” in the subject line.


Dorothy Julius

Awards Chairman

3770 Bowen Road

Lancaster, NY 14086-9699







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