February 11            Eighth District Winter Meeting - via Zoom

March 1-4               NGC Environmental School Series IV - via Zoom

                                       Course 1 The Living Earth     


March 1-15             Entry Days for Virtual Flower Show

March 18                 Virtual Flower Show 


March 20                 Connecticut Master Gardener  Assoc. Virtual Symposium 

                                         "Gardening Any Time, Any Place"


March 24-25           NGC Landscape School Course IV 

March 25                 Deadline for Eighth District Luncheon reservations


April 8                     Eighth District Spring Meeting/Luncheon

                                       The Columns

April 26-29             NGC Garden Study Course 1   

July 8                       Eighth District Summer Meeting/Fashion Show & Box Lunch

                                        Amherst Presbyterian Church, 151 S. Youngs Rd, Amherst, NY     


July 16                     Deadline Erie Co. Fair Flower Show Registration

July 19-20                Lewiston Gardenfest

                                        10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Center St., Lewiston, NY

August 9                 Entry Day for Erie County Fair Flower Show

                                       1pm-7pm.  If possible, please bring entries between 1-4pm. 

                                              Entries must be completed by 7pm.

August 10               Erie Co. Fair Flower Show -  Judging

August 11-22          Erie County Fair

August 24               Erie County Fair  - Flower Show entries removal

                                         11am-7pm.  Outdoor gardens need to be removed by 11am.

October 14                   Eighth District Fall Meeting/Luncheon

                                                The Columns Restaurant

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