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Eighth District
Speakers List

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The Speakers List will open in PDF form only.  For easy viewing make sure you open it in full screen mode.  Adobe has made some changes lately and it may open two pages across.  Simply click on the Adobe tool bar and then on single page viewing.  You can adjust the viewing size; I suggest 50% for the best readability.  This can be done by scrolling through the % box or by clicking on the + or - sign on the menu bar.


You may print out all pages of the document or one page at a time.




For those not familiar with Adobe


To search for a word in the document, click on the binoculars or spyglass (depends on your version of Adobe) or use Ctrl F.  Type the word you are searching for into the box, press Enter.  The cursor will move to the first instance of that word.  


While scrolling through the Index, you may want to see the speaker's page in order to view more information on a topic.  To quickly switch between pages, put the page number into the page box (displayed on the toolbar as 1/35) and press Enter.  To return to the Index, repeat the above typing in the Index page number you were on, press Enter.

Please report any problems that you might be having with this document to Susan at

Remember to put website or speakers list in the subject line.


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