Creative Floral Art Studio 2020


         Expand Your Knowledge!

             Practice new creative design types!

            Delve into the Abstract!



Continue your training in floral design with emphasis on selected design types.


Explore deeper into the aspects of plant material selection and color theory in Creative Design. 


Advance your Design expertise. District 8 Judges Council will show you how.


Save the dates for Creative Floral Art Studio 2020. This two-session program will be held on two Saturdays, September 12th and 26th, 2020 from 9:00 am–12 noon at Amherst Presbyterian Church located near Erie Community College North Campus.

The Creative Floral Art Studio 2020 classes will focus on Creative Designs, including the Reflective Designs and Abstract Designs; two deign types recognized in NGC Flower Shows.  Emphasis will be placed on the selection and placement of various components within floral designs and principles of color theory.

Containers, supplies, flowers and expert guidance for both sessions will be included for one $75.00 fee. Previous experience with any District 8 Flower Design Workshop is recommended.


Space is limited, so register today!  

Contact: Mary Brummer, Chair

           (716) 662-2406; E-mail:

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