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Basic  Floral Art  Studio 2019

Learn The basics of Flower Design at

Basic Floral Art Studio this spring!


Learn how to transform a group of flowers from a florist or the

    grocery store into a lovely centerpiece for your table. 


Learn how to organize the blooms from your garden into a 

           delightfully artistic arrangement.

Let District 8 Judges Council show you how!

Save the dates for our Basic Floral Art Studio.   This two-session program will be held on two Saturdays, April 6th and 27th, 2019 from 9 am – 12 noon at Amherst Presbyterian Church located in Williamsville near ECC North.

Basic Floral Art Studio will teach you the principles of basic flower design emphasizing the three most popular styles of arrangement over the course of two sessions.  Containers, supplies, flowers, and expert guidance for both sessions will be included for one $75 fee.  The sessions will be hands-on and every student goes home with a completed floral arrangement at the end of each session.


 *If you have attended previous Floral Art Studio sessions, there will be a Creative floral Art Studio program in the fall of 2019.  (Watch the April issue of the Figure 8 for more information.)


Space is limited so register today!  Questions? Call Mary Brummer at

(716) 662-2406 or contact by e-mail at For200@aol.com

 Space is limited.  Register today!  Questions? Please contact:

Mary Brummer, Chair

at for200@aol.com 

Below are links to the NGC Six Design Study Unit Lesson Plans for Basic Flower Arranging booklet in PDF.  They have been formatted for both one sided and two sided printing.  Please click on the link that is best suited for your use.

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