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Design Classes
sponsored by
Eighth District Judges Council

Eighth District Judges Council offers classes on flower design that conform to National Garden Club, Inc., standards. Whether you simply wish to enhance the beauty of your home or perhaps wish to someday delve into exhibiting in a Standard Flower Show, these design classes are for you. 


The Fees


The cost per student for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced  design classes will be all $30.00 per person with a minimum fee of $300 for classes with fewer than 10 students. There is a 15 student maximum per design class.


The fee for Table Design classes is $35.00 per person with a minimum fee of $350*.  Due to space requirements for table designs the classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students.


The Classes


Beginners Design: Classes will instruct students, over a course of three sessions, on Line Design, Line-mass Design and Traditional Mass Design. 


Intermediate Design: Classes will instruct students, over a course of three sessions, on the basics of Creative Line-mass Design (using weathered wood), Parallel Design and Reflective Design. A small section of the second session will be devoted to Miniature and Small designs. Basic Design is a pre-requisite to take the Intermediate Design classes.


Advanced Design:  Classes will instruct students over a course

of three sessions on Spatial Thrust Design, Stretch Design and

Duo Design.  Intermediate Design is a prerequisite to take Advanced



Table Design: Classes are limited to a maximum of ten individuals.

These classes will instruct students on both Functional Table Design,

and Exhibition Table Design Types I and II.  Basic Design Classes are a

prerequisite for taking the Table Designs classes.


Students receive a Certificate of Completion after finishing each course.


Contact: For more information contact: Karen Braun, Judges Council Chairman at


*  We encourage garden clubs to invite members of area garden clubs to join together in filling any classes in which there is insufficient interest from the sponsoring club.



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